Litanies to Stars and Other Stories is a series of science-fantasy tales set on a future unrecognizable dying Earth. This personal anthology started as a webcomic and was my first proper introduction to the medium, but it transformed into an ongoing traditional comic book project. This first volume includes the tale of Ash Corvus and The Witch of Mirrors, and contains some neat extras.

Logo design by Andriy Lukin.


Grotesque Jarcha for La Mancha is a dark retelling of the infamous Hidalgo of the Sad Countenance, whose persona serves as a self-indulgent excuse to speak about the forgotten folklore of my native region. First issue originally published by Edicoes Gorila Sentado in the digital magazine ‘Tales from Afar’. Currently, two issues can be read on my Patreon.

Logo design by Carmen Gimeno.

Lullaby of the Swift and the Goat

Lullaby of the Swift and the Goat is a science-fiction tale of scavenging, anti-colonization and wonder being published in Neodimio, a Spaniard independent quarterly zine by Lur Noise. It consists of 6 issues and once completed it will afterwards be colored and collected in the Litanies to Stars series.


Book of Fuligin

Book of Fuligin started as a passion project with just a handful of artists that dreamt with honouring Gene Wolfe’s genre-defining work ‘The Book of the New Sun’. And we had to do it the best way we knew: with a dark sci-fantasy comics anthology. It rapidly transformed into something bigger, a project we are immensely proud of. Its crowdfunding and publishing by Strangers Fanzine will come later this year of 2022.

Pages shown here were crafted by Matt Emmons, Anastasiia Gadskova and Jed Dougherty (with lettering by Zach Chapman).

Cover illustration by Artyom Trakhanov. Logo design by Andriy Lukin.


Elden Zine is a collaborative comics, fiction and illustration fanzine paying homage to FromSoftware’s famous videogame Elden Ring. This love letter to the Souls games was created by Lur Noise, Francisco Riolobos and yours truly, and it features a numerous group of Spanish authors as well as other international guests.

The pages shown below were crafted by David Lafuente, Hannes Radke and Lur Noise.